The Red Queen’s Menagerie


A game by Jack Suss and Chris Pastore

Artwork by Diamond Braxton

The Red Queen’s Menagerie is a card game that explores the Red Queen Hypothesis from biology. Parasites encounter Hosts and some survive depending on their traits. This game simulates fluctuations in populations over time.

This is a fun way to demonstrate complex community interactions in a classroom.

You can purchase this at The Game Crafter:

Score sheets can be downloaded here. Red Queen Tabular Score card  or  Red Queen Graphical Results  (alternate Tabular Score card: Red Queen Tabular Score card small)

Rules can be downloaded here. The Red Queen’s Menagerie rule book

How to play video:

How to Play The Red Queen’s Menagerie from Chris Pastore on Vimeo.

Further reading on the Red Queen Hypothesis

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