MBA in Fashion

iMBA (Fashion Business)

This track is intended for professionals with diverse backgrounds in fashion design, merchandising, management, and other industries, who want to be industry leaders in the ever changing global fashion business.

This concentration provides a basic knowledge of how to develop a business model for a company in general and prepares professionals with intensive and extensive knowledge of fashion industry management and marketing issues so that these professionals can develop innovative solutions and processes to achieve fashion industry business goals and explore and create new opportunities.  The fashion concentration is designed to educate students about the business models, processes and practices in fashion business supply chain, management and marketing issues specific to fashion industry in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous ever changing business of fashion world.

The fashion business concentration in the iMBA program is for professionals who want to be well‐positioned for big opportunities in the ever changing world of fashion. This program combines the best of business practices with the best of fashion industry practices.

This track will provide active, collaborative approach to the business of fashion and fashion industry through the process of Thomas Jefferson University’s signature design thinking and nexus learning approach to provide innovative solutions to the problems of business world in general and fashion business and fashion industry in particular. The program’s goal is to help students understand the business model of fashion industry so that they can develop business and industry specific value adding solutions and utilize and create new opportunities in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world.

This iMBA concentration is an intensive industry application program and will feature a group of seasoned professionals from fashion business and fashion industry and faculty who blend state of‐the art practitioner experience with excellence in the classroom. Graduates exit the program with a network in place that is capable of bringing long‐term value to themselves and their organizations that extends well beyond the formal material covered.

iMBA 600 Management Concepts 1.5
iMBA 601 Marketing Concepts 1.5
iMBA 604 Business Models Development 3.0
iMBA 602 Managing Innovative People and Teams


iMBA 627 Competitive Technical Intelligence 3.0
iMBA 628 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 3.0
iMBA 629 Financial Policy and Planning 3.0
iMBA 630 Operations from a Systems Perspective 3.0
iMBA 642 Strategic Insight and Implementation 3.0
GFE 600 Fashion Immersion 3.0
iMBA 792




iMBA 700

International Business Innovation Trip




International Economics and Finance

Choose Any Two the following electives
iMBA 791 Fashion Career jumpstart internship 3.0
GFE 729/iMBA XXX Product Life cycle Management 3.0
GFE 611/iMBA 759 Entrepreneurship 3.0
GFE 621/MBA XXX Fashion Global Marketing and Sourcing 3.0
GFE 734/MBA XXX Fashion Supply Chain Management 3.0

If you need more information, please email program director

D.K. Malhotra at