I spend a lot of time writing. I use creative non-fiction and empathy diagramming to help readers get engaged, build empathy, and take action to move the world towards a sustainable future.

Design Education for a Sustainable Future, by Rob Fleming
Published by Routledge/earthscan 2013.

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Current Projects:

Design of the Built Environment

Sustainability, Well-Being, and Resilience
To be Published by Taylor Francis in 2019

Sustainable Design Basics
To be Published by Wiley & Sons, 2019

Selected Projects:

  • Roberts, S; Fleming, R: Architect’s Guide to Structures, Chapter: Sustainable Structures, Routledge, 2017
  • Karlen, M; Fleming, Rob: Space Planning Basics 4th Edition, Wiley, NY, NY, 2016


Under Contract Sustainable Design Basics, Wiley, 2019
 Under Contract  Design of the Built Environment, Sustainability, Wellness and Resilience for the 21st Century, Taylor and Francis, 2019
Design Education for a Sustainable Future
Routledge, March 2013Book Review byBook Review by