A Conversation with Planet Earth – 2020

Check out my annual “State of Sustainability” conversation with the Planet Earth

Each year, I check in and see how things are going with the home planet. I provide a transcript of our conversation below:


Me: Well Earth, It’s been a year now, how are things?

Earth: I am still fine, but I can’t say the same for the human race

: Yes, I figured you would say that, but before we get to that, what about you? How are you doing?

Earth: I’ll be fine. I am 4 billion years old and I have 4 Billion years left to continue to grow and evolve. You humans are just a speed bump in my overall development. I can recover from 12,000 years of damage.

Me: Well that is good to hear. I’d like to think of us as more than just a speed bump. After all we made the Mona Lisa, the Angor Wat, and the Great Pyramids. I mean we are pretty cool right?

Earth: Yes you are “cool” but there is a darker side to your existence – you forgot that you were once on my team. At one time we used to work together to co-evolve. Instead you chose the path of self-interest and destruction.

Me: That’s a bit harsh. We needed to find our own path. We have a right to be comfortable and happy. We are just like any other animal – just scraping to get by and eek out a living.

Earth: Of course you have that right, but you also have self-awareness. remember that story of Eve and Adam?

Me: I remember the story, The Tree of Knowledge, the snake, the Garden of Eden. But before that we were naked and afraid.

Earth: Yes, but you were part of us, part of the team. We were co-evolving. (By the way, doesn’t it make more sense that Eve would have come first :)?

: That’s fine, but our life span was just 26 years back then. Life wasn’t really that great. Now we live longer and better.

Earth: Well, some of you live better. In any case, I am still here waiting

Me: Waiting for what?

Earth: I am waiting For your species to rejoin the team. To renew the partnership between me and you – to once again co-evolve to new levels of complexity, and happiness.

Me: That sounds great, but also really hard. How do we start?

Earth: You already have. You have already grown your own tree, eaten your own fruit and laid the seeds of a second Eden – a new era of enlightenment

Me: C’mon, now, you go too far

Earth: Yes, you know all that sustainability stuff you keep hearing about?

: I do, but most people don’t care.

Earth: They will, rest assured. As more people take a bite of out of this new tree of knowledge, they will start to see the light and begin to see a new direction for humanity

Me: Well that sounds very high and mighty – a bit of stretch don’t you think?

Earth: Not really, we’ve been through this before. Humanity has its own leaps in evolution, both physically and culturally – you are moving into a new world view

Me: I hope that is true. I like the idea of a new world view and a chance to start co-evolving with you, but I am really worried about climate change and lots of other stuff.

Earth: There is cause for worry, but jumps in evolution are usually preceded by a “down period” You will have to hit bottom. You can dig out. If you don’t, I have my eye on the next species to move forward 😉

Me: So maybe our work on resilience can help us ride out the storm?

Earth: Yep – exactly right, so get busy. But, let me say one more thing: Lately, you have made your job so much harder. You have allowed hate to re-enter your mindset. Now you have a double task: Fight hate in all forms and work to rejoin my team to build a new future for me and you.

Me: I feel really bad about the rise of hate. It also brings fear as well, especially if you are “different” from those wielding power.

Earth: You will get through this.

Me: I know we will but its not pretty right now.

Earth: Stay awake to all forms of hate and raise your voice

Me: Ok Earth, I’ll try. Thanks for the conversation. I’d like to say that I feel better, but I did learn a lot today. I’ll see you next year.

Earth: No problem. I’ll see you next year


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