May 31, 2016


PhilaU provides faculty, staff and clubs/organizations with server space to create websites. While the University provides this space and information on support and training, by creating a site, you assume responsibility for its creation and management. To review the directions for creating your site, click here or use the navigation.

General Notes about PhilaU Site Customization:

  • Inactive sites will automatically become disabled if unused for 1 year. You should be reviewing your site periodically throughout the year, but even if you are not changing anything, you need to login at least once every year or the site will be hidden.
  • You can only have one personal site per user.
  • You cannot change your site url, user id or email address for the site/account.
  • You have 100 megabytes of storage available, your dashboard will list how much space you still have.
  • The WordPress templates provided do not allow for custom coding, you need to use the customization tools within WordPress.
  • There are approved plug-ins as part of your options for customization, these have been approved for a variety of reasons including that they are regularly maintained, work responsively, etc. If there is a need for the addition of an unapproved plug-in please submit a request using the form.
  • As with all sites, you need to make sure you have permission and the rights to post all materials on the page, including images and text. For example, you cannot use images you have found online without paying for them, or getting permission to use them.
  • The server does not allow for commenting on sites so this is automatically disabled and cannot be turned on.
  • All University terms of service apply to this site.
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